The Lost Children is Disturbed's 5th album.

The album was officially released on November 11th, 2011.

The Lost Children
Compilation album by Disturbed
  • November 8, 2011 (Album)
  • November 4, 2011 (Digital download)
Recorded 1999–2010
Genre Heavy metal, hard rock,alternative metal, nu metal
Length 60:59
Label Reprise
Producer Disturbed, Johnny K
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The Lost Children




Singles from The Lost Children
  1. "Hell"

Released: October 11, 2011

It is Disturbed's longest album to date.

Album backgroundEdit

The title comes from the band calling the songs "their children", because they cannnot pick a favorite.

The Lost Children features all of Disturbed's b-side tracks that were recorded during a time period of 11 years with the exception of the song "Glass Shatters" which is only available on WWF Forceable Entry. The only song on the album not previously available is "Mine". A track titled "3", which was originally released as a digital single on for a campaign backing the West Memphis Three, was not originally intended to be released on the album but was included due to a surprise hearing for the West Memphis Three, resulting in their release from prison. The album artwork was revealed on September 22, 2011."Hell" was announced as the first radio single for the album.

Song interpretationsEdit

The first single "Hell" is, according to David Draiman, "about a relationship with someone who keeps coming in and out of your life, and every time they come back they fuck up your whole world."[5] The track "Mine" is about religion as a catalyst for war.[6] "Old Friend" was inspired by the hit television series Dexter. "Sickened" is about an individual who is feeling physically ill from wanting someone so badly. "Leave It Alone" is about how people push others too far, to the point where the person who was pushed warns the other of what will happen due to such actions. The song "Run" is about planning revenge against someone who you've been wronged by. "Monster" is about the mass media and how they love to distort the truth for their own needs and gains. "Two Worlds" speaks about the two sides of people warring within them. The track "God of the Mind" speaks about lack of mastery and how we are all victims of it. "A Welcome Burden" is a calling to arms for lovers of heavy metal music. "Parasite" is about someone who is used for all their hard work by an individual, in turn making that person like a parasite that leeches off others. "This Moment" speaks about the final moment right before someone snaps. "Dehumanized" is about people who feel they need to offer their souls to be away from all aspects of life.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Hell" (b-side from Ten Thousand Fists) 4:15
2. "A Welcome Burden" (b-side from The Sickness) 3:31
3. "This Moment" (from the soundtrack album Transformers: The Album) 3:05
4. "Old Friend" (b-side from Asylum) 3:34
5. "Monster" (b-side from Ten Thousand Fists) 4:04
6. "Run" (b-side from Indestructible) 3:13
7. "Leave It Alone" (b-side from Asylum) 4:07
8. "Two Worlds" (b-side from Ten Thousand Fists) 3:33
9. "God of the Mind" (b-side from The Sickness) 3:05
10. "Sickened" (b-side from Ten Thousand Fists) 4:00
11. "Mine" (unreleased b-side from Asylum) 5:04
12. "Parasite" (b-side from Indestructible) 3:25
13. "Dehumanized" (b-side from Believe) 3:32
14. "3" (b-side from Asylum, originally released as a digital single to benefit the West Memphis Three) 4:02
15. "Midlife Crisis" (Faith No More cover; from the compilation album Covered, A Revolution in Sound) 4:04
16. "Living After Midnight" (Judas Priest cover; from the compilation album A Tribute to Judas Priest: British Steel Vol.1) 4:25
Total length: 60:59

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