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Guy fire


History Edit

Anti-hero/ revolutionary with scary demeanour and is generally perceived as hyperactive and psychotic.

Alterations in Apperances Edit

Guy smile

The Sickness

The Sickness

The Guy (as stated above) originated in The Sickness as a small somewhat creepy smile with big teeth on a piece of medical paper.

Guy ten

Ten Thousand Fists

Ten Thousand Fists

The Guy, after not being seen in Believe, made a full-blown appearance in Ten Thousand Fists. He appeared still as the face (head cloaked by a hood) and included a special outfit. His outfit was made up of a torn cloak, along with multiple chains and torn clothing.


Powers Edit

Super-strength: He was able match the strength of an asteroid strike in "Land of Confusion". He also broke the chains of steel with little effort.

Flying: The Guy can fly fast enough to reach outer space and back to Earth in a few seconds.

Can survive in space: He rose in the space to prepare an attack on earth. During this time, he shows he is unaffected from the vacuum of space.

Durability: Flew at Earth at high speed while reentering the atmosphere, causing a huge explosion. He got up from this and remained uninjured, indestructable and unkillable, his skin cannot be penetrated. 

Toughness/Evasion: In Land of Confusion, The Guy took no injury during the fight against the soldiers.

God-like powers/vast magical powers: Immortality, invincible, powers of awesome/darkness.

and more….


The Guy bears a slight resemblence to the Chaos! Comics character Evil Ernie, especially the large, toothy grin.

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